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Apr 16

Anonymous asked: You'll get a 1000 bucks, but you can't use salt and pepper ever again. You can't taste them, no matter how much you want to. Bonus time, you get 100000 dollars if you don't ever have condiments ever again. These include hot sauce, any type of spices, any ice cream toppings or what not. What do you do?

Is this a trick question? I could live without ever tasting that shit again. Imagine going to the beach and just drinking all the salt water and being like, “this is some good shit” while the lifeguards freak the fuck out because you’re gonna eventually die from catastrophic heart failure because you can’t taste the salt.

Imagine it.

Anonymous asked: Boobs? BOOBS? BOOBS!!!!!! You say you like boobs, but I see no boobs. Tell me, do you have boobs? What if you're a girl, do you play with your boobs? If you're a guy do you play with boobs? Do you like man boobs or girl boobs? Girly man boobs? Manly girl boobs? Manly man boobs? Girly girl boobs. The boobs wars shall start soon. Are you ready?

Is there an “all of the above” answer I can choose here?

Anonymous asked: Fly like an eagle

To the sea?
Fly like an eagle?
Let my spirit carry me?
I want to flyyyyyyyyyyy?
Fly right into the future, oh yea?

Anonymous asked: Three wishes. What do you wish for? Can't ask for extra wishes and can't wish for someone's death.

So if I wanted to have someone murdered, but the hit man cost $1 million, I couldn’t wish for $1 million?

What a fucking ripoff.


Anonymous asked: I respect you being a bearded 24 year and shipping gama mako! You're cool!

Don’t tell me how to live my life.



Anon attends classtalesof4chan.tumblr.com


Anon attends class


Apr 15


Anon tells us about his first timehttp://talesof4chan.tumblr.com/


Anon tells us about his first time